Learningateway helps people use their minds to find their genius through capacity building educational products and services.


60% of Learningateway subscribers will have earned a quality four-year degree by the Year 2020.


Learningateway is a holistically led organization, which means that the company’s values are central to our business philosophy. Like marbles, they are firm and lustrous treasures that we keep close for inspiration about how and why we do what we do:

Make education matter

Always act with honesty, decency and fairness

Reflect on our actions so that the next ones will be better

Beat the drum for change

Listen in ways that make others want to learn

Esteem the differences that others use to define themselves

Seek out opportunities to learn from others so that everyone achieves more



Dr. K. Candis Best is a passionate advocate of getting people to use their minds to find their genius. An inspiring thought leader in higher education, she has focused her attention on creating a movement around growing genius. Candis has helped hundreds of students and professionals to use their genius minds to leave a legacy through self-leadership and service. She is this creator of the Holistic Leadership model which she used to found Learningateway, a social learning platform for non-traditional degree seekers who are at-risk for not completing their academic goals. With her latest book, “Your Genius Mind: Why You Don’t Need to Be a College Graduate But You Do Need to Think Like One,” Candis is taking the “Growing Genius Minds,”movement global.  Her perspectives on transforming education have made her an in-demand speaker and expert in crafting educational solutions. But she isn’t just a spokesperson for education, she’s a proud customer. She holds a law degree from Villanova University and is licensed to practice law in the States of New York and New Jersey and before the federal courts of the Eastern District of New York.  In addition, she holds masters degrees in business administration and psychology and a Ph.D. in social welfare research and policy development.  She holds board certifications in Healthcare Management and as a Human Services Practitioner and is a fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives. She currently serves as an Associate Professor and the Brooklyn campus chairperson for the departments of Human Services and General Studies at St. Joseph’s College.  She resides in the Clinton Hill section of Brooklyn, New York. You can find Candis on Twitter (@candisbest).